Remember the 90’s when you would go see your favorite rock band live and watch them dance around on stage strumming their guitars and banging on drums. Well it’s the second decade in the 2000’s and now it’s all about seeing your favorite DJ! Going to see a massive light show, fireworks, great music and getting caked! Now as productions grow, light shows get bigger and better and LED screens get trippier three of the grimiest EDM producers band together to push the scene into an unexpected and rather unheard of direction. Excision, Downlink & KJ Sawka form Destroid! If you aren’t familiar with Destroid you can watch their first ever teaser video below!

Ok, now that we’re all on the same page and all equally tripped out! You’re wondering what, why and how (which Destroid figured you were) so the trio has released a series of videos elaborating on a variety of topics in regards to the suits, the instruments,¬†showing you what happens backstage prior to a show as well as tour dates and a new EP to come!

Without further adieu! Get Destroid!

Show Destroid some love and listen to their full album here!

Destroid - Cover Photo - Your EDM

Chris W