What else can honestly be said about the Uplifting masters that is Aly & Fila? While championing the Trance scene in the Middle East for countless years, their productions have simultaneously created a new Trance movement that has been a glimmer of warm hope within an increasingly Trouse centered world. Their unique fusion of Classical music and pure Trance sensibilities have crafted a unique sound that has been emulated many times, but never quite replicated. Though they have enjoyed success for many years, 2013 has been massive for the Egyptian duo, as they have not only released a new, long awaited single with fellow Trace juggernaut John O’Callaghan with Vapourize, but have also cultivated years of work through the public with the release of their second studio album, Quiet Storm. Additionally, their iconic Future Sounds Of Egypt radio show finally reached a staggering 300 episodes, which was promptly celebrated with an ambitious world tour heavily featuring Egypt’s best, as well as support from many other producers around the world. In fact, this tour was so important that it even required an anthem to lead the charge, to which Aly & Fila readily delivered. Teaming up with the exotic Trance duo that is Fady & Mina, their collaboration of The Journey is a masterpiece in Uplifting literature that encapsulates their true love of music while perfectly expressing their long and mesmerizing adventure through Trance.



The Journey starts with luscious pads that sweep listeners off their feet as a beautiful combination of airy vocalists and simplistic, essential piano cascade Classical harmonies through the soul like a never ending waterfall. The piano expands on its musical ideas through a lovely melody as it is gracefully enveloped within the heavenly wisps of the emotional angelic choir. A cinematic basskick signals the end of the phrase as a new, experimental section of filtered chord play begins. By implementing the filter controls at random times within the subdued chord section, it creates a highly unusual and almost avant-garde sort of tone towards the piece while maintaining that extra spark of wonder that Aly & Fila are known for; (with the last chord progression earning a huge amount of respect for their mastery at musical theory). Finally, the main melody arrives in a timid, but brave fashion with main, musical aspects focused on the intricate, (and highly complex), chordal structure. With the addition of repeating basskicks and agitated snares, the melody begins to wind down before quickly vamping into full force with an unbelievable Uplifting drop. The wonderfully layered timbral lines as well as the subtle adjacent harmonics add to the immensity of the expressive musical construct that these four have crafted and solidifies the respect that they not only deserve, but have also earned over years of defeats, successes, hard work and pure, unbridled determination to present wonderful music to the masses.

Aly & Fila and Fady & Mina‘s astounding FSOE 300 collaboration, The Journey, is now available on FSOE Recordings, so make sure you pick up this stunning example of Uplifting magic today.


Keep the music alive. -Q


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/the-journey-fsoe-300-anthem/1160347