Mental Asylum can do no wrong as we head into the second part of 2013. Every single one of their releases have been straight fire while consistently representing some of the absolute highest authorities of Trance in the business. After the blistering Kaboom EP by fellow resident Eddie Bitar, Mental Asylum now is set to release a dream collaboration that is one of the highest quality Uplifting tracks that we at Your EDM have heard in 2013. Ben Nicky is a fast rising Uplifting and Tech Trance producer who has been gaining huge success and popularity with his coined Headfu*k brand of mashups, edits and shows. Nicky has dabbled in other genres in the past, (including Trouse with his collaboration with Tom Fall on Hammer), but it seems that he has finally found his niche within the faster realms of Trance. On the flip side, James Dymond is yet another emerging Trance producer who has been making huge strides throughout his blossoming career. 2013 seems to be the year that his productions skyrockets in quality and his recent single such as Slingshot and his remix to Binary Finary‘s iconic track, 1998, as well as his recent Psy experiments with another Binary Finary track with Waiting For The Sun have been largely featured throughout many important sets this year. Now, Headfu*k meets Armada Uplifting and the end result is the bewilderingly beautiful collaboration entitled Refresh. These two have hit the jackpot as Refresh explodes throughout the hearts of many listeners around the world.



Refresh starts out with refreshingly deep basskicks amidst a low end bassline and crisp percussion to feature a driven, yet constant drive. The track softens up even more with some somber pads purveying the soundscape along with neat vocal timbres and plucky accompaniments. The breakdown ventures through a myriad of tones and pads before a cinematic basskick brings it to a humble, still moment. Nature and the open air imbibe their natural esscence towards an incredibly divine piano line whose simplistic melody surprisingly cuts deep through expectations. The addition of sweeping vocals, subtle harmonic accompaniments, signature pads and excited synth melodies add to the thrill of this magical, wondrous melody that is constantly evolving before our eyes and ears. All inhibitions are lost as they plunge directly into their expressive emotions while high energy synths strike pure unbridled euphoria towards the mix. As the basskicks subdue, the double in speed as the energies of each instrument rise to a high point; with the singular female vocal leading the charge. Finally, the rush of emotions pours through the instrumental parts and soars towards the sky as the full notion of pure exhilaration coarses through ones mind and soul. Once the full melody is played through, the full point of inspiration comes to a head as they amazingly add an exaltation of harmonies over the main melody to drive the piece towards an incredible, emotional experience for those fortunate enough to listen.

Ben Nicky & James Dymond‘s stunning collaboration, Refresh, is out now on Mental Asylum Records on Beatport, so make sure you pick up this wonderfully high quality Uplifter today.


Keep the music alive. -Q