The relationship felt between the crowd, club and DJ can be a special one. For example, house legend David Morales once compared the feeling to sex and how he’d be nearly on his knees just feeling the mix. Mixmag have now attempted to document this relationship with their Live & Direct series and first to be interviewed was Solomun.

Solomun had a summer most of DJs can only dream of, after securing a spot with Pacha with his innovative Solomun+1 idea. Himself and his Diynamic label have moved from strength to strength and it is interesting to note how this changed his relationship with his craft.

The interview is intuitive and insightful. In a sense, it only reiterates what we know before. No matter where you play, it’s all about reading the crowd and emoting that raw, tribal feeling. Reaction and interaction. From music-style choices to the size of the room, Solomun describes effortlessly what it takes to build rapport with the dance floor.

“This is one thing I do since I started DJing: trying to read the people. And the good thing about playing a club more often is that you understand it better every time you play it.”

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