After the conclusion of Swedish House Mafia’s final tour, Steve Angello stepped away from dance music for many months to focus on other interests and hobbies. One of which included the study of Antarctica’s many indigenous cultures, sprawled across the northern coast of the continent, seventy miles from a Tunisian research facility.

Did I get ya? Hope not. Kidding aside, Angello is having a year that someone, somewhere, could describe as simply as, “Stupid”, Between headlining festivals, clubs, and running his own highly successful label, Angello has done anything but step away from dance music.

Shortly before the recent Size in the Park concert Angello released his remix to Chase and Status’, “Count on Me Feat. Moko”. It’s an  intense, driven, and fun remix, that if played amongst the proper group of humans/friends, will undoubtedly induce an all out frenzy. Steve Angello is currently operating on another level, this remix exemplifies his vast production skills, and continues building anticipation for future releases. Enjoy at high volumes.