If the group name 2 Unlimited means nothing to you, than go ahead and type it in to Youtube.

Pause….Bam! “OMG I KNOW THIS SONG!!!!”

Now that we’re all on the same page and have a grasp on the significance of 2 Unlimited, we can move on to Steve Aoki. Today Aoki released a 4 track package of “Get Ready” remixes, one of 2 Unlimited’s most famous songs that was originally released over twenty years ago. The remixes were created for an upcoming Greatest Hit’s album, and consist of a remix, extended mix, orchestral mix, and a rap version edit. The latter of the 4 tracks are unique arrangements that evoke an array of emotions while listening.Thankfully, it seems Aoki might have relinquished ‘Get Ready‘ from the stereotypical high school football pump up track that it is often associated with today. Ultimately, it’s the classic track many know and love, but presented in a manner that allows for casual listening.

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