“Can you hear me now?… How about now?”

It ain’t all swings and roundabouts. One minute, you’re living the highlife in ultra plush Miami and the next, you’re awkwardly standing in front of thousands who are booing and jeering. All thanks, to the plague that is ‘technical difficulties’.

It’s Part II of March of the Afrojack and it shows the highs and lows of a life, such as his. At Ultra, Afrojack and his fans appeared to be having a great time and the video packs some great visuals of the rather brief performance. I say brief because it isn’t long until the party is brought to an abrupt stop. After what must of been 5 minutes of hell, the DJ decided to call the whole thing off. So much preparation had went into his set and you can see how devastated he is.

But it isn’t long before he bounces back again. It’s his mummy’s birthday and they celebrate it in style… By hooking up Flo Rida, watching Swedish House Mafia and then singing along really badly. (Afrojack’s mum is way cool and she clearly loves EDM. Mine doesn’t. She once asked me what an Avicii was.)

It’s a very well produced video with great visuals and it’s an interesting and touching insight into his world. Perhaps it is all swings and roundabouts after all: