When an artist is willing to be musically flexible yet still maintain their signature sound, that’s when you realize that they’ve reached a whole ‘nother tier of artist; WIth the End Game EP, Mantis just upgraded. Progress as an artist is crucial to your work and your fans; very seldom do you see artists sticking to a strict formula and still have the momentum as they did when they began their musical journey.

As a music fan/enthusiast one of the most difficult things we have to realize is that while releases like End Game EP are a finished product of an artists hard work and endless hours spent in the studio the actual artist themselves are far from done. In fact, there are times when a set of tracks are released the musician will often times take to social media and proclaim, “Just released (name here) but I’m working on new stuff!”.

Mantis‘ End Game EP is a progressive rung in the ladder of musical greatness and with the rate they’re going, Paul and Taylor are proving that they are a forced to be reckoned with.

Stream the tracks below, (my favorite is End Game, which is your favorite?) and download the release here!