Tragedy struck in Manchester this past week, with the opening night of the Warehouse Project being marred with disaster. One 30 year old concertgoer died and five others were hospitalized following a bad batch of ecstasy pills hit the event. Detective Inspector Aaron Duggan told BBC News,

“It is possible that there may be a particularly bad batch of drugs out there in the community and that is a concern to us.”

It is a shame to see such turmoil hit the Warehouse Project, especially so on their opening night. To combat future issues, the venue is teaming up with the British Home Office on a new drug testing program. Much like how the Netherlands has government sponsored drug testing kits, this system will test all confiscated drugs. Following the test, which takes seconds to complete, an alert will go out on social media to watch out for the certain pill press. One of the dangerous ones in recent months is the infamous “Green Rolexes” which have been linked to multiple hospital visits and deaths. The Warehouse Project is hoping that this will help keep their attendees safe and informed. The issue at hand however is how many people will be checking social media at the show, and hoping that they will not take the dangerous drugs prior to any being confiscated for tests. At the very least, this is a step forward for British dance music events, with the idea of curbing the strings of deaths and injuries these past months.

Via: BBC