Following the seminal Express Yourself EP, Diplo will return on October 8th and will be bigger than ever, thanks to collaborations with the likes of Mike Posner, RiFF RAFF and many more. Preceding the official release is this minimix which showcases what’s in store.

It’s a six track workout, with four original tracks and two remixes of Revolution and Biggie Bounce bringing up the rear. The minimix perfectly tells us what to expect, with the brilliant Revolution and Biggie Bounce stealing the show. The amount of collaborators means we can expect many different, fantastic sounds from the EP. The mix of Mike Posner’s light hearted vocals contrasted against Kai’s soaring vocal ability will sound interesting against the old school hip-hop feel the likes of Action Bronson will bring.

The preview and undoubtedly the upcoming EP will show why it’s clear that Diplo is one of the most sought after producers on the planet. It will still be astounding how he is always one step ahead of the game.