EDM and the mainstream media haven’t exactly worked well together over the years. Many media outlets use some aspects of EDM culture to twist them and suit their own aging agenda. These aspects, such as drugs, partying and general loss of self control are hurled to the conservative backwaters and at people deluding themselves with feelings of ‘concern’ as to what’s happening to our young people. Even back when EDM first reared its head, the public had instantly recoiled in horror while the media latched on:

Incidents such as the death of Leah Betts in 1995 were championed by the press as the result of the MDMA culture, even though she had died of complications due to water intoxication. Now in the USA, the cycle is repeating itself. For example, a crackdown at the Boston Calling Festival has led to 21 drug related arrests, although none were related to MDMA. It appears that the Electric Zoo tragedy has overshadowed the scene while everybody points the finger everywhere except in their direction. This resulting onslaught and crackdown has left a sour taste in some peoples mouths and some people have had enough. (Source

The thirst for spreading news coverage and informing the masses is what drives journalism forward. We at YourEDM know this all too well. But some will stop at nothing to achieve what they set out to do. Even if it means choosing the immoral action… Or breaking the law.

As you may know, 11Alive, a local news organization, sent undercover agents into TomorrowWorld to investigate “Molly” and its use at the festival. The video was a bias and motive driven report that only highlighted the drug use at the festival, despite TomorrowWorld’s overall success. The mainstream media’s need to milk the “Molly” scare for all its worth has now gone too far. The reporters took a camera around and filmed attendees in an effort to catch them taking drugs while also filming any drug reference they could find. They interviewed various people along the way, but only took snippets of each interview that fit the message the news station was trying to convey. They also recorded concert goers talking about “molly” and published footage of them without their willing consent, which is a violation of federal law. Not only did they wrongfully record them, they paraded them around in their video as typical concert goers who candidly talk about molly on camera.

At what point did we come complacent enough with mainstream media that we no longer challenge their biased coverage they use to fit their agenda? The fact that a local news station was able to turn a festival that was praised by the Commissioner of Atlanta himself into a drug scare tactic, is flat out appalling. Their illegal actions to forward their regime is just another example of the approach taken by main stream media outlets. We as fans of a growing scene must take it upon ourselves to voice our anger with the unjust connotations they wrongfully associate with the EDM industry.

Below is a phone number that will connect you with the 11Alive news station and we encourage  you to call and voice your concerns. Both artists and fans must work together to break down the walls of main stream media and destroy the stigma surrounding our beautiful scene.

11Alive News: (404) 892-1611


Written by: @Nickward20, @BrendanDuncan92

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