Well it’s been about a week since Deadmau5 took us on his last Coffee Run with Beamz. This time he brings his lawyer Dina LaPolt. Now this episode of Coffee Run isn’t like others due to the fact that Dina is restricted to what she can say because of Attorney/Client privilege, but Joel and Dina certainly make up for it. We all know Deadmau5 is a legendary troll, but it was surprising to see that his lawyer could hold her own when it came to trolling. Some of the highlights in this episode include Joel revealing what his Coffee Run plans would have been with Avicii (if he answered Joel’s text or tweet), the naming behind Suckfest9001, trolling Obamacare, and last but certainly not least, Deadmau5 announced that his upcoming album release will in fact be a two album disc release! Check out the video below to see the whole interview!