Well, it looks like the disease is slowly becoming a pandemic and while Dubstep isn’t dead there are some producers who seem desperate to bury it. First bursting on to the scene with explosive Dubstep, BARE was best known for his interesting and creative take on Dubstep and built his loyal following around the genre; Fast forward to just a couple of hours ago however, and you’ll find that BARE uploaded a track known as SKYWALKER and you guessed it, it’s a Big Room Track. Cleverly (not really) disguised with a “Bare” tag on Soundcloud, BARE joins the ranks of the many producers who attempt to imitate Sandro Silva & Quintino’s “Epic” and release or preview out a Big Room track. Along the lines of “Festival Trap” (ugh) both Big Room and Festival Trap in themselves aren’t bad per se, however as a Electronic Music enthusiast and writer at Your EDM, I have a tendency to hold many artists to high standards and expect a quite a bit from them. It can argued that artists should heed only their own expectations instead of the fans, but if that holds true for BARE, then I find SKYWALKER to be a depressing form of self-expectation.

Don’t believe me? Check out the track below.


SKYWALKER isn’t a bad preview, it’s actually produced very well in terms of sound quality and sound design. Although, it is to be expected, Bare has had some time to refine this sound as you can clearly hear the difference in APVCHE nearly two months ago:


In all honesty, he isn’t the only one; among the others who’ve taken a stab at Big Room, Zomboy’s Raptor and 12th Planet & Protohype’s collaborative track, Brick can be seen as clear examples on how to creatively tackle this new style of EDM. While maintaining a familiar sound, the mentioned above artists were able to explore the differing types of musical styles. Instead of abandoning their original sound, ala BARE, they evolved it; transforming instead of replacing.

While SKYWALKER itself isn’t a bad track, BARE’s negligence and willingness to abandon his old sound for something popular and mass-appealed is simply disappointing.

(While SKYWALKER has yet to be fully released and it’s general direction can be turned for the better, I honestly doubt it’ll evolve that far. Here’s hoping BARE proves me wrong.)