Earlier today Deadmau5 posted three remakes of the track Creep and earlier tonight he finally released the actual trackIt was released as a Spotify bonus track when the album  > album title goes here < was released in 2012. Tonight Deadmau5 posted via Facebook that this track has been over five years in the making. Creep may throw you off a bit on first listen, but if you truly open your mind and listen to how beautifully intricate this track is you really will see how incredible it is.

Deadmau5 posted in the description on his Soundcloud:

weird how it’s taken me over 5 years to write this track. nearly done. To do: more intricate arrangement, mix, bells n whistles n master

Five years is a long time, and to commit to something like a track for that long is incredible. It really gives young producers motivation to not give up on something just because it may be difficult. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are most quality tracks.


UPDATE: Several hours later Deadmau5 uploaded Creep 2k13 which seems to have all of the changes that he posted in the description of Creep. 

Listen to Creep and Creep 2k13 below!