My scheduling seemed to work out in my favor this time, as our Progressive week coincides with a beautiful upcoming cut by hidden Progressive producer, meHiLove. meHiLove is the brainchild of Yuriy Mikhailov, who is a Ukrainian man that was raised in a family in musicians and has built up a grand mastery of the piano throughout his musical studies. After graduating with high honors, Yuriy decided to take a completely different turn in his budding career by crafting melodious and smooth flowing Progressive through his refined musical orchestration skills. While not a heavy technical artist like some musicians out there, (Terry Da Libra, Fon.Leman), his incredible pad work and his unique ability towards instrumental fluidity has granted him a unique sound that is one of the most cutting edge projects I’ve seen in the last couple years. I’m not the only one, as labels seem to have noticed his immense potential as well. Supported on both Armin van Buuren‘s A State Of Trance and Above & Beyond‘s Trance Around The World, (Group Therapy), radio shows, he has also been gifted with releases on such labels as Perfecto Recordings, Silk Royal and Armada. After his successful single of Return To The Sea, meHiLove makes another return to Infrasonic Progressive with an absolutely gorgeous remix to Gelardi & Thomas N‘s groundbreaking collaboration, Aquamento. With luscious, deep chords and brilliant musical ideas, Yuriy strives to create pure sensory exhilaration and to bring back the magic spark of ingenuity that has been lost throughout time.



Mature, full bodied pads permeate the soundscape in the start of the piece as a deliciously deep Progressive bassline works alongside subdued vocal timbres and melodic interludes that flash for a moment before disappearing through the intricate web of sounds that meHiLove has crafted. What is extraordinary is how each instrument is able to keep its core independence while having every sound blend into one another in a swirl of musical creativity and technicality. Every single potential contour is rounded out to a nice rosy finish and its elegant character is full of relaxing, mellifluous ideas to drift the listener away from reality and into the depths of musical possibility. The breakdown brings forth an incredibly catchy, yet non-cliched piano melody through a blend of vocals and strings to really bring out the great piano accompaniment chords, (for identity and class). Low cut percussion leads in with airy chords and a wonderful accompaniment line before a delicate flurry of sounds pushes through the release. A delightful, iconic Progressive line effortlessly sings a complex, detailed melody as the piece opens up to a deep, spacious environment of musical atmosphere, (with breezy vocals and drifting pads that seem to ebb within the piece’s phrases). With a multitude of instruments and an expertly produced sound design, this remix contains that extra love and care that is noticed immediately and is more of an intimate look through his complicated soul that becomes clear through his wonderful melodies and timeless sound constructions.

meHiLove‘s remix to Gelardi & Thomas N‘s collaboration, Aquamento, will be released soon on Infrasonic Progressive, so remember to check back here at Your EDM for more details. Tune in next week as we explore some yummy Deep House to start off your morning right.


Keep the music alive. -Q




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