It’s here. Diplo has finally released the Revolution EP and it’s also available to stream on SoundCloud. It boasts four original tracks that hosts numerous collaborators and packs two remixes in it’s bass-heavy rear.

It’s a no holds barred showcase of the seminal DJ’s talents, as he blasts through hip-hop with Rock Steady, trap and sky high stadium worthy beats with Revolution. Crown is also a highlight, which contains a radio friendly and catchy vocal effort from Mike Posner but also packs one of the most devestating drops Diplo has ever produced. The Revolution remix is, if anything, decent. But it’s the TWRK remix of Biggie Bounce that remains the perfect closer to this 6 track, trap cacophony.

Overall, going by the EP’s artwork, the EP delivers and does what it sets out to make you do (If you’re that way inclined). You can buy it on iTunes and stream it here: