Even for those who don’t let themselves get sucked into the fiery depths of Reddit, you might still be a little familiar the ‘IAmA’ section of the website where people across all walks of life allow users to question them on extraordinary experiences or really anything in general. Well the Hoodie Boyz took a break from their schedule of constant flossin’ to interact with fans and give them some feedback on whatever came to mind.

As it is with pretty much everything on the internet, you might find the occasional troll throwing in any topic of irrelevance they feel will get the best reaction. This one however, as well as most AMA’s, generated a good amount of significant questions and responses. When asked who their top 5 favorite producers were at the moment, a rather humble response came from the duo with Flosstradamus at the top of the list, followed by Kanye at number two, Dillon Francis and Diplo tied for third, Daft Punk in fourth, and Rick Rubin close behind. I don’t see them getting pushed out of that number 1 spot anytime soon, what do you think?

Luckily, the Chicagoans gave us an idea of who we should expect to see on upcoming collaborations as well as who they want to team up with in the future.

And being a moombahton lover myself, I was glad to hear Floss’ opinion on the direction of trap compared to the midtempo genre.

As well as announcing that a new mixtape, ‘Banned 3D’ will be here soon, they also reassured us there will be other releases on top of the future collaborations. Hopefully an album is in the works too! Until then, stay PLURNT and check out the rest of this AMA right here.