Flosstradamus has teamed up with someone you probably aren’t familiar with yet…after this collab continues to spread like wild fire, there won’t be many people who haven’t heard the name ‘Lil Panda’. In the short three and half minutes Panda recreates portions from “Lana’s Theme”, “Test Me” and, “Crowd CTRL”. Did I mention he is also doing it live, on a custom electronic drum setup that he has assembled. Lil Panda is one creative dude, the video playing behind is perfectly in-sync with his mashup and is extremely visually stimulating.

Lil Panda is a Brooklyn-based drummer who was inspired by the likes of “The Knife”, “AraabMuzik” and, “Davinci” who all play live with samples. He sought to recreate and play those samples live, creating a new type of performance all together. You can find out more about the talented drummer here, and be sure to check out his soundcloud.