When it comes to variety in production, Diplo never fails to surprise us. Not only does he have his own booming solo career, but he has his side project of Major Lazer and with all that going on he has still managed to make hit tracks with the likes of Beyonce, Usher, Snoop Dogg, and so many more. This time Diplo took on a collaboration with Justin Bieber on his new single All That Matters. With this track Diplo’s production drags Bieber away from the teen pop we’re used to hearing from him and throws him into more of an R&B track. The production on it is nothing less than impeccable, but honestly what else would we expect from Diplo? Check it out below!



Diplo did not collaborate on this track with Justin Bieber. The collaboration between the two has not come out yet. We originally found the initial information that they had collaborated on All That Matters had come from Entertainment Weekly and MTV, and that information was wrong. Diplo tweeted earlier:


Source: MTV