Carnage and Araabmuzik have a hot new Moombahton collaboration in the works, but with no estimated time of arrival from either of them. With no official announcement, we happened to find out about this up coming release burning both ends of the candle, trolling around Carnages facebook page at the early hours. He posted a status revealing this huge festival moombahton track that himself and Araabmuzik just hand crafted in the studio. Oddly, 3 minutes later it was already deleted.

Thanks to my overwhelming love for Moombahton, I could not help but bite at this outcry from the long time Moombah supporters. Next morning I tweeted at the two producers via Moombroton and their responses confirmed our suspicions of an impending festival moombahton release.


Both artists retweeted the above remark. Four days later Carnage tweets this, reconfirming that were about to get our hands on some more big room Moombahton very soon.


Big names like Carnage, Araabmuzik, Skrillex, Diplo, Feed Me, and many more have all shown their major support for the stagnant genre, but small miracles like these are what keeps the hope alive for the baby making music of Moombahton to resurge into the mainstream limelight in the coming days.