Crowdsurf Concerts has given us two individual tickets to give away free for Apocalectro this Saturday in Denver, Colorado at City Hall! Wear all white and prepare for a blasting of red paint because this is the worlds first ever zombie paint party!

Featuring Kill Paris, Kennedy Jones, Vinnie Maniscalco, Treyy G, BEVERLI TRILLZ, and more, Apocalectro is set to be a night of baby making music and trap worthy of any bass fans ears. To top off the amazing music you’ll truly be flooded in party life by an onslaught of blood (red paint) all throughout the night!

All you need to do to enter is follow the instructions on the Punchtab widget below!

Winners will be announced Friday evening at 9 PM. If luck isn’t on your side or you’ve got friends, tickets can be bought for $20 at!