We here at Your EDM are dedicated to bringing you the latest in EDM. That is why we have for you coverage of this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event. The coverage for this event is being done by a representative of the company, Alexandra Burton. Check out what she has to say!


Canals, “Coffee Shops”, red-lights, a language that only 18 Million people speak, clogs and cheese. Yes, this is the Netherlands – in full glory with all of its stereotypes. But putting those aside and submerging deep into the Dutch culture opens the eyes to an amazing world of music that is constantly innovating and redefining itself right here, in the heart of Europe.

The big sounds of EDM have origins back in this country. From Dutch house, techno, deep house, gabber even “happy hardcore” played in warehouses, rave-turned office buildings, fields, boats and clubs have influenced and inspired some of the world’s most talented and acclaimed DJs. Together they have been elevating electronic music to a place where it’s just now capturing the rest of the world’s attention.

This week the who’s who of electronic music, from media to DJs to producers and the associated crews and brands are in town for five days of daytime conferences and evening parties. It’s Amsterdam Dance Event and it’s magical. It’s the world’s largest electronic music festival. The city comes alive as its favorite music genre welcomes the creators, producers, listeners and artists with black and yellow flags on every canal and flagpost possible.

The conference is to network and learn about the game of success in the electronic music industry. The parties are as big as the names performing; from seasoned veterans like Armin van Buuren, Tiesto and David Guetta to newcomers like Martin Garrix. And DJ Mag announces their TOP100 list on Saturday. Speculators have Hardwell taking #1 (another Dutchie)… but all will be revealed very soon.

So this week, we’ll take you through the ins and outs of ADE, to the different parties, spectating, checking out backstage, maybe even on the stage. We’ll be hearing from different DJ’s on how they define EDM, how the sounds coming from Europe reach the US and what is different with the US vs. European audience. We’ll be talking to the industry about what’s next, what to expect from our favorite artists and experience the exhilarating thrill with the beat-drops and lasers. Everybody is uniting for one of the universal languages of life – music.

Check out the first event below:

Protocol Recordings Label Night With Nicky Romero and Friends