Here is Alexandra Burton’s recap of  day two of the Amsterdam Dance Event!

What an evening of two very different EDM scenes – from Deep House to hard house and techno we experienced it all. But that’s exactly why the industry is here – best of the best variety right on our doorstep. In an empty container warehouse the Wisdom of the Glove show started slowly. Martin Buttrich warmed up the crowed with some steady beats before Guy Gerber hit the decks in a magician-like black cape with a set straight from Ibiza. The first of a three-night series of deep house the beat was steady but un-climatic and lacking that original Jazz element Deep House is known to deliver. Defined by Wikipedia as “a complex melody, use of unrelated chromatic chords underlying most sequences, and a soul, ambient, or lounge vibe…that  rarely reaches a climax, (Deep House) lingers on as a comfortable relaxing sound.”
After a run-in with the Pacha Ibiza crew (there to support Guy Gerber) we hit the road to another warehouse for the Loco Dice party with Time Warp and Studio 80. By the time we arrive the crowd was nicely warmed up and the energy filled up the room. Coming from the steadiness of the Wisdom of the Glove party we were thrown into an awesome set by Guti – also form a Jazz background from his musician days in South America (Guti hails from Argentina). From the defected label’s sister DFTD, Guti delivered to Amsterdam the techno performance we needed – fusing his latin roots in with electronic music.  An hour set was followed up instantly by Loco Dice – who playing off the mood of the crowd, kept the tempo high with his well planned compositions.
From a slow start to a full beat-packed ending, Guti and Loco Dice were the best of the night for the varietal, composed and energetic sets.
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