Everybody likes getting free stuff, so I thought for my music lovers I would compile a list of tracks that were released this week for a charge of $0. A simple click of the download link will deliver you tracks from the likes of GRiZ, Dirt Monkey, Prince Fox and more. The 10 releases that were chosen permeate the boundaries of genre so that everyone can find a little something to their liking and for those of you who love all (or most) genres, then you hit the jackpot. So without further adieu, here is your free music!

Ylvis – The Fox (Prince Fox Remix): Midtempo/Twerk

This track actually just came out today, but I thought it would be a good way to start things off given the viral explosion of the original. I am surprised there has not been more remixes of the Ylvis song; having only heard a few, this was easily the best one. Prince Fox get’s turn’t up and takes things down a rather unique path musically. Although defined as twerk, this track is not your typical rump shaking tune. Extremely fun and upbeat, this is one of my favorites.

Enji – Watts: Dubstep

This chill banger from Enji IS my favorite track from the week. “Watts” derives influence from OG dubstep, which hasn’t been represented all that much lately. The spacey and mysterious vibe that is given off by the musical aspects are a perfect match for the existential vocal sample from philosopher Alan Watts. After he blows your mind, Enji does the same, but with bass!

Diamond Pistols feat. Anna Yvette – Twerk (Treovr Remix): Electro House

If I were to say I was a little upset that this track did not win the remix competition, that’d be true. If I were to say I was more than a little upset that this didn’t get in the top 3, that’d be accurate as well. Up and comer Treovr from Seattle delivered a killer remix that would rock any dance floor that got this one dropped on it. The song has a nice big build into an explosion of fat bass and thick stabs that accompany each other too well. I love it!

Star Slinger – Ladies In The Back (Jay Fay Remix): Electro/Big Room House

Jay Fay, usually known for his moombahton work, delves into 128 with a nice remix of “Ladies In The Back”. The original was a chill trap tune for all the classy ladies in the club, but this remix is for all those looking to rage. This festival aimed banger fuses electro and big room for an interesting and wild blend. Apparently Jay thought all the ladies in the back were here to dance and not that slow groove stuff; I’m talking turn’t up.

RUN DMT feat. Betty Black – Starlight (Dirt Monkey Remix): Dubstep

One name that should be on everybody’s mind right now is Dirt Monkey. He has been on an absolute tear lately; belting out tracks left and right with his latest being an official remix for RUN DMT. Dirt’s take on “Starlight” is prodigious and I would expect nothing less from him. His sound design capabilities are on par with masters of the craft like Excision, or even RUN DMT himself. The massive growls are superb, especially the one’s that he manages to make scream. The second drop has a nice surprise that adds a bit of energy to the mix. Definitely grab this!

Froland – Silver Glitch: Breakbeat/House

As a part of their weekly free release series, Froland‘s most recent track is “Silver Glitch”. Lately they have been experimenting with different genres and it has proven well for them. Not only have they managed to produce multiple genres, but they have been able to keep things unique and always add a little of their signature flavor in. This breaks/house hybrid is so fun and funky with the whole disco feel. Simply amazing.

Owen Jones – Emerald: Glitch Hop

So much good music comes out of Australia. One song in particular is from Owen Jones with “Emerald”, which was featured on Glitchhop.net. Usually glitch is more laid-back, but I like the energy he brings with this one. It is in your face and almost moombahcore-like, which is one reason I find it so appealing. The multitude of sounds that went into the making of this is staggering and just goes to show that Owen is not here to mess around. Stay tuned for more from this talented Aussie!

N3AKO – Lights Out: Big Room House

N3AKO gives us a huge festival ready house track with “Lights Out”. I remember his days of bootlegs and mashups, so to see him putting out stuff like this now is awesome. Despite big room being a fairly hot topic, this track is worthy of not only a listen, but download. I’d like to think this is what most of the beatport top 100 was going for. And if you like the beatport top 100, then you will surely be amazed by this one.

Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood (Studio Speakerz Bootleg): Moombahton

Did you guys really think I wouldn’t have a moombahton track on this list? Always have to rep the 110. LA resident Studio Speakerz reworks the epic Gorillaz track “Clint Eastwood” into a funky and fun work of moombah art. The synth work is extraordinary and perfectly contrast the syncopated bass that beats into your head. I cannot get enough of this one; two of my favorite things combined!

GRiZ – Rebel Era Album: Future Funk

I mean do I really need to get into a description? First off it’s GRiZ. Second it’s 11 tracks for free. That’s more than all of what you went through to get here. Of the 11 tracks, some of my favorites are “Simple”, “Dance With Me”, “Keep The Dream Alive” and “Do My Thang”. On to the listening and enough with the reading!