So la da di da di/
We like to party/
Dancing with Molly…

Aren’t we sick of this by now? We live in a society of increasingly confusing double standards. Apparently, it’s OK to sing about what it’s like to be Miley Cyrus and to be going off the rails (and we know she’s talking about drugs thanks to the little censorship applied to her VMA performance). But yet it’s not OK for Disclosure, an EDM act, to make drug references in their music videos because it’s ‘glamorisation’.

Whatever. The video for Disclosure’s new single “Help Me Lose My Mind” was revealed this morning and as with previous Disclosure videos, it was about people having a good time, something that Disclosure want associated with their music. Unfortunately, within a space of a few hours, the video has received a few comments referencing the use of drugs within the video. PMR felt very strongly against the glamorisation of drugs in any capacity and then removed the video.

Well. I’d love to be posting a music video down here but that isn’t meant to be. I look forward to a heavily censored version of Help Me Lose My Mind and even more bullsh*t from Miley Cyrus as she rants about which drugs she prefers to use. But then again, when music’s this good, what more do you need?