Hot off the release of his debut full-length album Calamari TuesdayFeed Me is back with an exclusive new mix courtesy of Mixmag. The mix features some exclusive VIPs of fan favorites like Grand Theft Ecstasy and Rat Trap, a few unreleased tracks, and even a couple chilled out piano interludes. Feed Me‘s mixes have always been some of my favorites, especially his BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, and this one is no different! According to Feed Me the mix will be available to download soon, but until then you can enjoy the stream below.

Which unreleased tracks from this mix are you most excited for? Personally I can’t wait to hear the full version of the aptly-titled Final Stage, which definitely sounds like something straight out of an epic boss battle.


Hello My Name Is (Spoken)
Feed Me – Time For Myself
Feed Me – Grand Theft Ecstasy (Remix)
Feed Me – Thumb Got Stuck
Feed Me – Talk To Me
Feed Me – Without Gravity
Feed Me – Rat Trapped (Parts I-III)
Tjani – Vptown
Feed Me – Ebb & Flow feat. Tasha Baxter
Feed Me – Final Stage
Interlude (Piano)
Feed Me – Last Requests feat. Jenna G
Feed Me – Shine On (Pink Floyd)
Feed Me – Little Cat Steps (Outro)
Fin (Piano)