Just a few short weeks from their debut at London’s Academy Brixton, Let’s Be Friends has released an absolutely massive re-amp/edit of TNGHT‘s ‘Higher Ground‘. As a face-melting follow up to their last EP, iOALBF brings their signature bass for this monstrous dub/trap banger.

Higher Ground gets right to the point with little ado and when it hits, it doesn’t let up. Both drops are infectious, yet unique which is absolutely welcome in a genre saturated with countless “one and done” drops. I know that I talk about a songs compositional balance rather frequently, but this is an absolutely stand out example of a tune that stays interesting throughout; LBF‘s ability to create dynamic and atmospheric bridges, seamless transitions, and builds is simply unparalleled.

I’ve said it since the beginning and I’ll say it again now, Jonney and Oren of Let’s Be Friends are going places. Check out the track below and be sure to keep your eyes on LBF 2014 is set to be even bigger for these guys!


TNGHT – Higher Ground (Lets Be Friends Re-Amp)