The best comedians are the ones who are able to take their own stereotypes and/or disadvantages, whether that be race, religion, sex, or even handicap, and transform it into a gut busting routine that creates and mocks controversy. Richard Pryor, one of the legendary greats made his name with black humor (literally) that arguably could only be done by, well… a black guy. Had a white dude, tried to follow Pryor’s act, he would have without a doubt fallen flat on his face and labeled a racist. We’ve all heard the phrase, “It’s ok I’m Jewish/black/asian/whatever, I can say that”. Well now, Canadian stand up comedian, Russell Peters has become the first person to coin the phrase, “It’s ok I’m a DJ I can say that” and yeah… it’s funny as hell.

Peters, has managed to put our sides into orbit with his recent hilarious albeit slightly depressing (at least if you’re an EDM fan) bash against the majority of EDM DJs. Yep, EDM has its own awards show, national media attention, and most importantly its own mention by a Canadian stand up comic.

According to Russell we’ve had it wrong this whole time and in all fairness he would know; in addition to his stand-up car Peters is a long time associate of DJ Spinbad and at one point was actually a somewhat well known DJ. Russel‘s routine makes a great point; it’s time for DJs to lose the eye contact, fist-pumping and the heart hands… you know, unless you’re Borgore in which case you might be able to scrape by, “DJing with your dick”.

In all seriousness, EDM is way too much fun to take seriously 100% of the time. So, take sometime out of your day and have a laugh. Check it out below!


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