The Holiday season will always bring cheer, and for Halloween even some fear. Every-time without fail, you’re sure to find an extraordinary human with a large chunk of free time going all in on their holiday house decorations. But what happens when you get an extraordinary EDM fan with a substantial amount of time to kill?

You get these amazing works of art, light, music, and holiday spirit. With Halloween just a week away you’re about to start seeing a whole lot more of these popping up, so lets run down with the Top 7 Holiday House Light shows synced with EDM that have already dazzled viewers everywhere!

1. Awolnation – “Sail (Skorge Remix)” : This holds down our #1 spot not only because it’s an amazing remix from Skorge, but because the show is just so clean cut and well done. There’s not too much going on, but overwhelming at just the right moments.

2. Darude – Sandstorm : Wow. This one is absolutely incredible and couldn’t be better well done for Sandstorm. Perfectly on time, feeling the energy change of the song through the light show was an experience in itself. Watch the whole thing and you will be glad you did!

3. Skrillex – “Equinox : One of the wildest productions in Skrillex’ aresenal of songs, this light show is no different. Over the top with an excessive amount of lights, this one hits you hard and fast so prepare for a sporadic attack of color waves and merry dubstep!

4. Figure – “This Is Halloween” : Of course Figure had to make his way into the top of our Halloween displays. His ghoulish personality and hauntingly filthy sound design is a perfect choice for any horror themed show. Figure will always hold down my Halloween playlist and now so will this video!

5. Deadmau5 – “Ghosts N Stuff : Very similar qualities as our number one video, but with a little more upbeat change of pace as Deadmau5 loves his 128. Such a perfect track for their house display. The litte ghost figures flashing back and forth really add to the atmosphere that this family was going for.

6. C2C – “Down The Road” : Not enough EDM fans are aware of C2C and the funktastic style of music that the 4 man team creates and vividly mixes live. Showing off to their nostalgic variety of dance, this house turns their yard into a shrine for their epic light show that includes a huge skull, a dancing skeleton, and a projection system on the garage. What they make up for in lack of lights, they have two fold in creativity!

7. Knife Party – “EDM Death Machine : Touring repeatedly for their “Haunted House” tour, it would only make sense for someone to throw their EDM Death Machine track over the most ghoulish of house decorations we have seen thus far. I was starting to get a little ancy during the first half since the lights weren’t going too wild, but holding off for the second half was totally worth it.

I hope you had as much fun reading this as I have writing it! Really looking forward to this years round of holiday light shows and hearing what new dance music they decide to include!