The Firepower Most Wanted Tour stomped into Chattanooga Tennessee today with expectations of the usual night of bright lights and bass from Datsik, Antiserum & Mayhem, Funtcase, and of course the man of the night, MUST DIE!. But both fans and friends alike got something quite unexpected.

Lee Austin Bates aka MUST DIE! found the love of his life in best friend, and multi-talented singer Natasha Fox. Tonight while Datsik took the stage, Lee proposed to Natasha directly in front of the Vortex Lumen and judging from their social media reactions, Natasha said yes!

For those close to MUST DIE! they knew this was only a matter of time.

It’s inspiring to see two thriving young members of the industry fighting against the stereotypical beliefs of our overly extravagant youth. I wish Lee and Natasha a life filled with happiness far beyond music. Congratulations to the both of you!