Another week has gone by which means a whole heap of free downloads have been released! I hope you are not all under the impression that this is a recap of free downloads we have already posted, because these are an additional 10 to what we have already written about. It’s actually 9 tracks plus an EP if you want to get technical. From Candyland to Fight Clvb to Ledoom; we have it all. So without further adieu, here is your recap of the week in free downloads!
Zanski – Drive Fever: Dubstep
Zanksi kills it with his track “Drive Fever” which is actually a sort of VIP mashup of two tracks he previously created. Incredibly innovative, this Section Z release fuses dubstep and trap with subtle aspects from glitch/future funk. It’s a wondrous work of musical art that took some genius to create. The blend of synthetic and acoustic samples is perfect; with the guitar and various KOAN style bass growls being two things that stick out especially. I would not expect anything less from an individual who has found themselves on Savant’s label. “Drive Fever” is truly innovative piece of music.

Favright – Iceladen: Electro House
This free release from Monstercat‘s Favright is absolutely huge. “Iceladen” is a 128 banger that uses a compelx arrangement of sounds to produce a masterpiece that is reminiscent of the great Wolfgang Gartner himself. Right from the get go you know you are in for a treat with the syncopated synths that set a steady pace with the foreshadowing of electro sound samples. From there things only get better! I would have to say this is my personal favorite from the week as well.

Spag Heddy – The Master: Dubstep
Spag Heddy has been one of my favorite dubstep producers as of late so when he came out with “The Master” two days ago I was ecstatic. The track starts off with a nice low-key filtered sequence that precedes the highly contrasted unfiltered portion of the introduction. The cinematic voiceover sample that he used is perfect; from there your lead into the land of bass. The gritty lead are seamlessly supported by various background sounds that fill out the mix incredibly well. This dutch producer continues to blow my mind with his fresh productions; most of which are free!

The Geek & VRV – Superstition: Future Funk
I had a feeling “Superstition” was going to use some sampling from the original tune by Stevie Wonder. Right when the guitar riff came in that was confirmed. The vocal and other instrumentation are also utilized in this future funk collaboration between The Geek and VRV which does justice to the classic. The synthetic glitch basslines fit well with the various acoustic sounds and samples that give the track a sense of space. This is the first track I have heard from either of these individuals so it was a great find. They have recently released another collaboration on top of this one too!

Imogen Heap – Hide And Seek (Candyland’s OG Remix): Trap
For those of you who don’t like trap, I still say give this track a chance. Candyland‘s remix of Imogen Heap‘s “Hide And Seek” is not your typical trap; with heavy hip-hop influences that center upon getting your crowd crunk. This one does have that big festival sound appeal, but it is focused more on creating a beautiful product than a party starter. The work they did on Imogen’s vocal, whether it be effects or chopping, is superb. The huge synths that subtly whimper are absolute perfection. The way they picked things up in the second drop with that sound reveals the trap influence and is probably the part of the song they use in their live sets. A must have for music lovers!

Nick Thayer – Worlds Collide (LeDoom Remix): House
Versatility and innovation are LeDoom‘s strong suits, so when I heard his intriguing house remix of Nick Thayer‘s “Worlds Collide” I was not surprised. His unique approach really shows with this club friendly version of the track. It has a simple melodic focus that does not revolve around bass like the original does. The use of chopped vocals are a particular detail I thoroughly enjoyed the implementation of, along with the fact he switched up the pace at the second drop. A great tune from the Texan producer LeDoom!

ZFX – Spank Me: Moombahton
Malaysia’s ZFX delivers the 110 banger of the week with his track “Spank Me”. It is the title track for his recent EP that was released recently on Moomba+. The way in which he uses the vocal samples is similar to other moombah tracks, however he creates a sense of structural layering with the multiple samples and the introduction of new sounds into the mix. The vocalized drop is perfect for some groovy moombahton that relies chiefly on the huge bassline and dembow beat. The hints of twerk in the intro and bridge also add some nice variety to the song. Lovin’ this one!

Mr. Bill & Stickybuds – Hard, But Fair: Drum & Bass
Glitch master Mr. Bill teams up with Canadian Stickybuds for his first go at drum and bass with “Hard, But Fair.” This neuro-infused gem of a tune has me convinced Bill needs to do some more stuff like this. His background in other bass music gives him the necessary tools to produce high quality fast paced breakbeat music. The way he and Stickybuds manipulate the varied rhythms, whether it’s the percussion, bassline or synth is exquisite. The depth of this song is exemplified most obviously by it’s development into more dub-like territory where cut time is used on the percussive beat. This is easily one of my favorite drum & bass tracks of recent times.

D4L – Laffy Taffy (LocoMotive’s TB Remix): Hardstyle/Trap
Everyone remembers the original of D4L‘s track which made it’s rounds back when I was in middle school. The duo LocoMotive chose take bring it to the modern day and turn it into a huge festival style remix. The original vocals are laid atop the same melody, but reworked into a new instrumental. Right when the thick riser comes in and the build starts you know it’s getting ready for something good to come. Then you are slammed with a fast paced four-to-the-floor beat and running synths that collectively spew massive amounts of energy. There’s no doubt this would blow a crowd up. They way they switch back and forth between common/full and cut time with the beat is sick; essentially switching between genres as the song plays out.

Fight Clvb – Spirit Bomb EP: Various House Styles
The eclectic trio of Fight Clvb released their 4 track EP entitled Spirit Bomb this week to thank the fans for all the support they have been given collectively, as well as individually over the years. Singer Carly Burns showcases her talent in providing beautiful vocals to every track on the release. SAV, formerly of Sazon Booya, produces some amazing house tracks whether it be the big room anthem “Blood Is Beautiful” or the title track which is more chill and deep house oriented. There is also a remix of “Spirit Bomb” from Aire Atlantica who take things down the big room path. Fight Clvb is currently on tour so if you wish hear these tracks live and see the admirable hypeman Mystereo getting crowds pumped, then you may check the dates here to see if they stop near you!