Singularity has released his “Rift” EP with Play Me Records along with the launch of a remix competition through Earmilk. The four track EP contains an array of melodically pleasing originals and features stunning vocals from Anna Yvette, Jenn Lucas, and even Singularity himself. “Drowning” and “Vain” are the two tracks featuring lyrics of his own, and it honestly makes the two ever the more impressive, and my favorites from the release.

Home” is his evolved take on progressive electro and gains a lot of power from the exquisite voice of Anna Yvette, making it the most joyful of the ‘Rift’ EP. Empathizing with his chosen titles for all the tracks, and not to mention his lyrics, this kid must have gone through quite the rough patch in his life during the creative process. Good thing we’ve got Anna Yvette’s voice and Singularity’s rich, dark sound design to drag us through our most bleak of moments.

Damn does he do an incredible job reflecting his emotions through this release. Experimental structure, combined with impeccable vocal work makes for an amazing EP from Singularity, and I truly can’t wait to hear the direction he moves in next.

Purchase Singularity ‘Rift’ EP : Beatport


In the mean time, producers everywhere can remix the title track “Rift” featuring Jenn Lucas. The competition will be judged by EarMilk as well as A&R scouts for Play Me Records. Head over to EarMilk for more details and download the stems here : Singularity Rift Remix Competition

Submit your remixes by November 28 at 11:59 PM PST. The contest will close December 8th and we will be announcing a winner shortly after!