The Electronic Aussie duo, Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore, also known as Empire of The Sun, have sky rocketed with success over the past years from their debut album, Walking on a Dream in 2008, including their chart topping single, ‘Walking on a Dream.’

Their fame has guided them to their second album release, Ice on the Dune (June 14, 2013) with their hit single ‘Alive,’ which has continuously been playing from radio stations to big shows all around the world.

Empire of the Sun now welcomes Tommy Trash to switch their synth driven musical track, ‘Celebrate’ to give it a edgier, big room sound. I guess we can say opposites do attract. This is not the Tommy Trash type of remix you would usually hear as he complements the theatrical and musical elements of ‘Celebrate’  seamlessly with his festival-pleasing style. Listen below and tell us what you think!