Two of the fastest rising Trance producers in the scene have conducted a highly anticipated collaboration that has proven to be a rich recipe for success. Both of these artists are fan favorites of Armin van Buuren and the Armada crew and their signature, energy charged melodies have been at the forefront of their own musical operations. Tomas Heredia is only 20 years old, but this Argentinian gifted prodigy has already become one of the hottest names in the business, with his highly successful liveset in Sao Paolo for the ASOT 600 Expedition world tour gaining him a surge of new, dedicated followers towards his truer facets of Trance. James Dymond, on the other hand, is already a seasoned veteran whose high energy Uplifting tracks have been gaining ground throughout the group of faster Trance artists such as John O’Callaghan, Bryan Kearney and Arctic Moon. James Dymond has been making huge moves in his career for 2013, creating a diverse mix of Armada melodies, Uplifting classics and even some Simon Patterson-esque experiments in certain remixes. Now, with Heredia‘s youthful melodies and Dymond‘s mature sound implementations, their collaboration of Sao Paolo really captures the true essence of Trance with flying colors. First debuted in Heredia‘s set in ASOT 600, (and also named after it), Sao Paolo is a certified Trancer that is quickly becoming a contender for best Trance collaboration of 2013.



Sao Paolo starts out with Minimal and Big Room influences, with a highly technical bassline colliding with fat, boundless synth stabs and thick basskicks. The scene is slowly unraveled with the addition of synth accompaniments, cohesive pads, techy woodblocks and a high quality upward tone that releases back into a cut back section, (which only intensifies with each passing phrase). The breakdown is where Dymond‘s abilities really shine, as he takes ambicious orchestral concepts and pieces them together with a classic Trance melody that is complete with full bodied string section, a full, expressive horn ensemble and various vocal timbres to create even more depth than already present. Even for Dymond and Heredia, this breakdown is more emotionally engaging than expected and was a welcome surprise when the beauty of their highly emotional ideas was suddenly thrust forth with grace and elegance. Afterwards, it pulls into a thunderous melodic line with high energy sixteenth runs and fantastic, intricate sound designs. It builds slowly with drums and upward synths as the repeating melodic ostinato pulls most of the legwork through the release. The resulting drop heavily features the main melody in all its glory as it pulls through minor subtitles that weren’t exactly necessary, but has successfully propelled the quality to higher heights.

Tomas Heredia & James Dymonds‘ euphoric collaboration, Sao Paolo, is out now on Soundpiercing via Beatport, so make sure you grab this high quality release today.


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