Candian artist Grimes recently confirmed a show in Russia which upset more than a few people; due to Russia’s legal oppression of gay rights, but she has gone to tumblr to justify her actions. Instead of boycotting Russia, and therefore their people, Grimes chose to dismiss punishing the civilians for the governments lack of ethical thinking.

Grimes disagrees completely with what the Russian government is doing, however that fact is besides the main point that her fans want to see her. She will not disappoint them. Her full statement can be found below, which totally justifies her decision to do this show, as well as another future one.

response to twitter criticisms of the show in russia

Yes, I am playing in Moscow in 2 days and no, i do not feel bad about it. I don’t think that denying and ignoring the gay community in russia is cool. I have gay friends in russia and the only strait person on the Grimes team is james as far as i know lol.

We are entering safely and it means the world to me to be returning 2 russia. It doesn’t hurt the government if I refuse to tour there. Just regular people. So i don’t think it’s wrong to be doing this. Refusing to go to russia would only hurt fans

also – this is a private event. fans should know that ill be back for a bigger show when i finish the record that will be open to the public

siiick so stoked! cya soon ^_^