It’s been far too long since we’ve last heard from the Russian House Mafia, Swanky Tunes, thankfully we have some awesome stuff to look forward to from this dynamic trio. Their fiery preview of Scratch just goes to show that just like everything else that comes out of Russia: bears, winters, and vodka, Swanky Tunes does it bigger, badder, and stronger.

Thankfully ditching the pitch kick, Swanky Tunes is set to deliver a club ready, chart smashing, electro house bomb that bangs just as hard, if not harder than the rest. Utilizing the Stop In My Mind bass, the trio has decidedly changed up the formula for Scratch and it will definitely please fans of all varieties. Festival drop junkies and hard electro-house snobs get ready, I have a feeling that Swanky Tunes is on the verge of an absolutely massive return. Peep Scratch below and get ready for its Spinnin’ Records release on November 22nd!


Swanky Tunes – Scratch (Preview) [Out Nov. 22 On Spinnin’ Records]