Earlier today, Krewella performed on special halloween edition of Good Morning America, which marked the first time an EDM group has performed on the show and it comes as no surprise that the hottest act in the scene right now was tapped for the honor. The trio performed their hit single ‘Live For The Night,’ which gave Jahan and Yasmine a chance to show off their vocal chops on national TV; it’s amazing how far their live vocals have come since their performance at Ultra 2013, you can really tell how much work they’ve put into perfecting all those hard-to-hit harmonies. I got really excited towards the end of the performance when they started to transition into the Pegboard Nerds remix of ‘Live For The Night,’ which shows off a more bass-heavy side of the Krew‘s repertoire. However, it cut off before it dropped so that was kind of disappointing, but also understandable since they were on national TV and definitely stressed for time. If anyone can help bring grimy bass music back to where it was when Skrillex was the biggest name in EDM it’s Krewella and I would really like to see them start using these national TV appearances as an opportunity to do just that!

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