The East vs. West album is comprised of 19 moombahton and twerk inspired tracks from the likes of Anna Yvette, Notixx, Harikiri, Geodesic, Prince Fox, Bentley Foy and a heap of others. Despite the name, special international guests have graced the arena as well! This project is being released as a last hurrah for Moombroton who are being absolved into the EDM Network/YourEDM family.
Even if you have previously not been a fan of moombahton, give this a try; with a vast range of styles I can guarantee you will find something to your liking out of the many incredible tracks. Whether it’s Harikiri‘s more traditional “MOFOs (VIP)”, Savage!‘s zouk “Fifty-Two Eighty” or Geodesic‘s moombro anthem “Moves”, Moombahton.NET has whatever you need.

Tracks will be stream-able below and the download link for the entire compilation can be found here: Free Download
East Coast:






West Coast:












To hear the last track download the zip and see what you missed 🙂