Wave Racer just released an interesting remix of Panama’sAlways” track from their latest “Always” Ep that was released the beginning of this past October. Wave Racer takes an Indy Rock song and turns it into a diverse Electronic song. Totally defying boundaries in the way he pushes this track from the opposite side of the music spectrum and molds it into an entirely new shape. Wave Racer so brilliantly instills a groovy melodic trance pluck and what in my mind sounds like stars glistening into the intro and the choruses. But for the verses, Wave Racer somehow finds a way to keep the mood while breaking into a trap style break with hi-hat rolls and the freshest, “damn” samples.

Wave Racer is a brand new artist to my ears, but after listening to the original “Always” track from Panama and then hearing his recreation, I am nothing short of impressed! I will list both the remix and the original so you all can hear what the hype is about for this massive remix. Make sure to show Wave Racer some love for his work on Beatport and his Facebook Page and below. Enjoy!

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Panama – Always (Wave Racer Remix) on Beatport!




-Chris Wood-