Dillon Francis perhaps indulged himself in his most ridiculous (and epically funny) video yet with the commercial for Martin Solveig and Laidback Luke‘s collaboration with “Blow”. Imagine Dillon meets Zoolander and you get Olli Springer; with outlandish get-ups, lipstick, wigs and a sense of confidence that is unrivaled. Poking fun at the fashion industry, Dillon hits all the stops with his attempts to seem educated by reading Dostoevsky and the fact that he loves strong motivational quotes like “Everyday is a good day”. His forward thinking would make everyday a good day if stuff like this were released!
Dillon really needs to get an acting gig together because this is absolutely hilarious! The banana scene, the Jesus scene and the god-awful goth scene will never have you look at Dillon the same. In a good way of course! This video was directed by Martin Solveig along with Yeoram Kalfa.