With a Vegas residency at Light, a collaboration with A$AP Rocky, a film score (“Spring Breakers”), and side projects with both Boys Noize (Dog Blood) and Diplo (Jack U), 2013 has been a busy and successful year for Skrillex. Rolling Stone recently caught up with the superstar producer to talk about upcoming releases, his many collaborations, and what to expect for the future.

Regarding his new record, Skrillex explains that he will maintain his same signature sound, but also aims to grow and expand the possibilities of his music.

[The songs] definitely cover a lot of ground, and there’s still more stuff on the record that is yet to be seen. It’s still me, but it’s like – I think someone said it before – the same fabric, but a new coat, a better coat.

Talking about his many collaborations this past year, Skrillex discusses how working with different artists expands his abilities as an artist.

 I love collaborating. If anything, I want to do that more further down in my career. I’m 25 now and I’m excited to try a lot of new things and work with a lot of new people. It’s always fun – you discover more things about yourself when you work with other people, and your limits, your boundaries grow. For me, everything happens naturally. I’m a big fan of discovering new talent as well.

Skrillex also hinted that he would love to work with Icelandic singer-songwriter, Björk.

This could happen 20 years from now, who knows, but Bjork’s someone I’ve loved since I’ve been a vocalist, and we did some touring in South America two years ago. [We] talked about making stuff and she even mentioned it in an interview at some point, so I gotta check that off the bucket list. That’d be dope, to do some cool, vibe-y stuff with her. But like I said, I like discovering new people too, so who knows?

The full interview is packed with interesting information and definitely gives fans some things to look forward to! Looking forward to next year, Skrillex concluded, “I’m gonna go it at hard next year. ’14 is gonna be super exciting, I’m gonna be out there and doing some new shit.” We at Your EDM are excited to see what the future holds!