For years the Ministry Of Sound has been fighting proposals for a housing development to be built within spitting distance, which could mean noise complaints from the residents and threaten the clubs 24 hour license, therefore resulting in closure. Today, they made a last minute plea to the London Mayor in hopes of keeping the venue alive, a safeguard to be put in place ensuring they can make the same amount of noise. Plans have already been revised for the development consisting of 80 homes and 255 apartments, which would include acoustically sealed windows and partially sealed winter gardens instead of open balconies.

Ministry of Sound Group chief executive Lohan Presencer expressed exactly what they wanted to make sure the club can continue their business.

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Additionally, a letter published in the newspaper, Standard, was written to the Mayor begging for the contract.

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On November 19th the Mayor will meet with both parties and decide whether to give the plans a thumbs up, however things are looking good for the nightclub seeing as the developer has said in the past they could co-exist. I hope they can come to an agreement!

(Source Standard)