Even after five weeks, Sunday nights still feel somewhat empty without the sound of Breaking Bad’s iconic theme song reminding fans to stop whatever they were doing and glue themselves to a television screen for the next hour. Although the show had a stellar ending, it’s still hard to say goodbye. Luckily, we’ve scoured the internet looking for the best in Breaking Bad-related EDM to bring you back to that happy place, at least for a bit.

Above & Beyond – Walter White

Probably the most well known of all of these tracks, Above & Beyond released an original song honoring Walter White earlier this summer. The song features A&B’s signature haunting melodies before breaking down into an upbeat track fit for an all-night dance party with the best hit men West of the Mississippi.


Trentino – Jesse Pinkman (BITCH!)

Also going the direction of a character dedication, Trentino chose to highlight the other half of the meth cooking dream team, Jesse Pinkman. The song, unsurprisingly, is punctuated by many screams of “bitch!” taken from various episodes. For fans of the tenderhearted misfit, this should help you to say goodbye to Jesse as he rides off into the desert.


Dave Porter – Breaking Bad Theme (Fourth Core Dubstep Remix)

Fourth Core takes a stab at the theme song itself, creating a dubstep version of the dark Dave Porter composition. After an awesome first minute of build up, the track veers off a bit, but it’s definitely one of the better title song remixes available.


Dave Porter – Breaking Bad Theme (Unkarin Remix)

Unkarin also remixes the theme song, taking it in a completely different direction from Fourth Core. The fast-paced track maintains the signature sound of the theme while making it much more danceable.


Breaking Bad Theme Song (Dead Battery Reinterpretation)

In one more  take on the iconic song, Dead Battery adds plenty of bass to the Dave Porter creation. Starting with the original song, it fades out and then quickly picks up to an upbeat track with unique vocal samples that will encourage BB viewers to relive many of the show’s golden moments.


1WayTKT – Breaking Bad (featuring Aretha Franklin and Walt White)

1WayTKT blend Aretha Franklin vocal samples with glorious electro dubstep beats, punctuating the track with many of the best Walter White one-liners. I’m not really sure how this song works, but it all comes together quite beautifully.


BRCKS – Heisenberg (Say My Name)

BRCKS takes a wide variety of vocal samples from the show, melding it into a trappy masterpiece that makes you want to dance your blues (ha!) away. The track samples infamous lines from season 1 all the way up to the beginning of season 5, so be prepared to take the whole journey again as you listen to this song.



While life after Breaking Bad may be dull and devoid of roof pizzas, we’ll soon have more Saul Goodman antics to enjoy. For now, please enjoy this video of Gale’s full karaoke performance from season four.