The Floozies, the first group to be signed to GRiZ’s new label, Liberated Music, released their latest album today to the delight of electro-funk lovers everywhere. “Tell Your Mother” infuses a 70’s disco vibe with a futuristic electronic sound that will have you inventing ridiculous dance moves like it’s your job.

The first song, “Ice Cold,” sounds like KC and the Sunshine Band, if KC and the Sunshine Band were throwing a dance party while jetting through the deep outreaches of space. The synth sound and talk box usage mixed with lots of stereotypical 70’s vocal samples create a delightful confusion of decades that sets the scene for the rest of the album.

“Booger Bear” also begins with a heavy disco vibe but quickly breaks off into more futuristic sounds that build up into an interesting chord progression before spiraling into a super funky drop about 3 minutes in.

“Tell Your Mother,” the album’s namesake track, features all kinds of bizarre sounds and vocal samples that build for over a minute before the song abruptly transitions into a groovy dance melody. Later, a drum breakdown switches up the song before returning to the unique sound of the beginning.

“Love, Sex, and Fancy Things,” the second single released off of “Tell Your Mother,” takes the album in an electro-soul direction. Reminiscent of Pretty Lights, the track features a variety of hip-hop and robotic vocal samples, my favorite being, “I once got busy in the Burger King bathroom,” from a song by Digital Underground.

With gorgeous electric guitar, drums, and light synth, “Set Break” is a fresh breath of air from the intensity of the other songs, allowing you to cleanse your palette before beginning the other half of the album.

“One Word” brings the energy levels back up with an upbeat melody and more talk-box vocals. The minute-long build drops into yet another funky rhythm with many layered sounds that will have you back on your feet.

Starting with a fast-paced rhythm, “Indubitably” works itself into a frenzy until a super smooth breakdown that sounds like lasers making love to each other. After two minutes, the song returns to that disco vibe prominent in the beginning of the album.

“Somebody Help Me” has a glitchy sound that builds up into a Griz-reminiscent dance number. Heavy on the drum kit, the song journeys through a variety of musical styles as the song progresses. With a vocal-heavy build towards the end, the track suddenly descends into an electric guitar-prominent fusion of sounds tumbling towards the song’s conclusion.

The penultimate song on the album, “Oh My Gawd” is a loud conglomerate of sounds and vocal clips that work together to create a high-energy delirium of a song. With everything from wonky synth sounds to what sounds like a sprinkling of that triangle instrument that was always given to the kid who couldn’t sing in elementary school, this song has it all and it somehow works.

Concluding the album is “Italian Chandelier,” another funk-influenced jam that begins with some smooth drum samples and police sirens. The easy-going number brings the energy down from the previous, but steadily holds until the end, where electric guitar riffs ease the song out and draw the album to a satisfying conclusion.

Individual songs are available for stream and free download on Soundcloud, or download the whole album for free on their website. To learn more about the Floozies, check out their Facebook page here.