With a recent remix of “Evolution” by I See MONSTAS and now “Don’t Shake” by Kairo Kingdom it appears that Pegboard Nerds have been extremely busy as of late . “Don’t Shake” flaunts the sub kick style that has been prevalent in all styles of house music as of late; however, Pegboard Nerds take the song in a very different direction. The remix starts off with chiptune sounds before dropping and morphing into a drum and bass monster very reminiscent of something you might expect to hear from the likes of Dirtyphonics. It goes to show just how dramatic a difference a remix can make in how much one enjoys a song or not. Pegboard Nerds took an aspect of the original song, namely the buildup and did something different while keeping what made the original good and dropping the slightly generic aspect. This made it a much more enjoyable remix while still keeping the energy levels the same. Highly recommended if the original didn’t quite grab you.

Pick up the remix here! And stream below.