The musical genius that is Pretty Lights, aka Derrick Vincent Smith, has announced a live album that will incorporate the entirety of the Pretty Lights coalition. They have already started while on the aptly titled Future Analogue tour and Derrick is quoted with saying it’s “coming along quite nicely.” The live experience that this group creates is groundbreaking to say the least and I am confident they will pull through with a true work of musical art with the album.

Fans have been raving about this project and it makes perfect sense to do something like this. Derek proclaimed touring with the crew is the most fun he has had ever while performing; so rest assured there will plenty of good vibes on the album. There is no release date or anything yet, but stay tuned for when those are announced 🙂

The Pretty Lights Analog Future full live band tour has been beyond incredible thus far. The band is killing it, and I’m having more fun on stage than ever. We play new versions of PL tracks but we are also writing and playing new fresh breaks/all live soulfunk hip-hop beats.They sound amazing.

We’re working on a live band album, recording it throughout this tour and it’s coming along quite nicely. The style and show are truly original and like no other PL tour. Have you seen a show? What did you think?”

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