So-cal native Deorro, is set to drop his brand new tune “Dechorro” on November 12th through Dim Mak Records! I am excited to write about this tune for a few reasons, one being it is fist pumper for sure and secondly, Deorro is based about 30 minutes East of the city of Los Angeles and I have to represent LA! But anyways, “Dechorro” intros in with an extremely uplifting trance pluck with massive amounts of delay and a bubbly riser effect, even throwing in a hint of siren, before dropping into a huge Dutchy/ Electro House break with piercing highs and a massive club kick that will keep any head bobbing or fist pumping, I know this because that’s what I’m doing…

Show some love to Deorro for this dope track and one extra love if you are an LA native! Follow Deorro on Facebook here and after you’ve had a listen to “Dechorro” below, make sure to go and grab your own copy here on Beatport!

Deorro – Dechorro:


Deorro’s Fall/ Winter tour dates:

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  • For whatever reason, this song reminded me of California, the bubbly and upbeat groove reminds me of the sunshine all the time and that dutchy drop reminds me that us Californians mean “serious business”!

-Chris Wood-