Ellen DeGeneres warmly welcomes her BFF, guest ‘DJ’ Paris Hilton on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ Friday November 8. This may come off guard to most of us, so I place the word DJ in quotes because I’m not sure how I feel about this. This three and a half minute video makes me feel a bit uneasy from the words ‘DJ school’ to Paris Hilton being the first REAL guest DJ on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres show.’

As Ellen starts off with enthusiasm, ‘You’re actually a real DJ. You’ve been to, like DJ school and stuff.” Whatever ‘DJ school’ this may be, Paris does know a little bit about what gear she is using during her sets; as she states using a Traktor S4 and CDJs. This sure is a bit of a relief. She may be using her gear after all!

Paris Hilton goes on talking about her two month residency of her Foam and Diamonds party in Ibiza. Hilton describes her raging 4 AM parties as if “It’s kind of like being in a car wash.” Was the explosive foam or dropping insane beats like her new single with Lil Wayne, ‘Good Time’ the highlight of this raging Ibiza party? Check out the video to see for yourself and let us know your thoughts.