This morning, I have a real treat to show you guys for this week’s Sunrise Sessions. If you may or may not know, we usually cover True Progressive and Deep House on a regular basis, but we always like to change it up and showcase some some styles that you may or may not be accustomed to. I didn’t have anything to showcase through my regular library today, so I decided to look through my back catalog after a year of focusing on my core collection and I happened to come across this extremely talented producer who is largely unknown to the American public, yet is highly respected as an individual and as a musician. Betoko began his journey in 2002 and has quickly risen up the ranks through the grueling circuits at Ibiza with his unique, Tech inspired rhythms and deep sense of musical ideologies. He has been supported by many high class acts of the underground, with name such as M.A.N.D.Y., Seth Troxler, Dubfire, Sven Vath and Marco Carola, who all champion his increasingly expanding traits of genre innovations. Even more impressive is the fact that he has gone toe to toe with the legendary Sasha in certain sets, which instantly presents his immense talents. In 2009, Betoko released an EP titled the Voyager EP and was an experimental change of sound for this release. While it may not be his usual take on House, it is a visionary work that is one of the most refreshing tracks to ever have been built as its incredible sense of harmony and connectivity causes the production value to soar above most tracks.



What makes Voyager truly revolutionary is its uncanny blending of different influences with raw creativity to create an entirely new and invigorating sound. There are definitely elements of Tech House through the heavily layered percussion section, but it utilizes the melodic talents of artists such as John Digweed and Guy J with a distinct, almost iconic, Electro touch. The backbone of this piece is an overlapping ostinato that keeps repeating the same notes over and over again. But rather than weighing down the track to a slow slog, it instead remains exciting and interesting; almost as if it’s reborn as a brand new melody each time the chord changes. It goes without question that the strong, blanket chord changes are both a triumph in both musical theory and timbral essences, and is one of the warmest and confident synths that I have ever heard, period. On a technical level, this piece isn’t too difficult to figure out, but what makes this track special is what you read in between the lines. Sure, an argument can be said for a complicated layout of any piece and an argument can be said about a Minimal track not having enough energy to sustain itself, but Betoko has struck an amazing nirvana between. There is something about this track that one cannot put their finger to; something that makes is catchy, yet refined; melodic yet techy; memorable, yet mysterious. The orchestration is seamless and its ornate concept, while risky, is an incredible, real time notion of humanized computerization of sound.

Betoko‘s single, Voyager, is now available on Oosh Music via Beatport, so make sure you pick up this wonderful piece today. Make sure to also check out the fantastic Paolo Mojo remix as well! Tune in next week on Sunrise Sessions as we take a wonderful turn through blissful, Progressive harmonies.


Keep the music alive. -Q




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