Call me old fashioned, but every now and again, I like to listen to some good old Electro House; Figure’s remix of “No Rescue” is just that.  “No Rescue” is the name of the newest release from the dynamic French duo, Tha Trickaz, which consists of DJ iRaize & Pho. This is also the first release on Trickaz’ new all free record label Otodayo. That’s right, an all free record label.

Trickaz‘ track unleashes some straight up hot fire as they combine their aggressive beat juggling skills with their signature huge bass. Figure’s remix gives us a piece of gold that is bound to make any crowd go wild. It’s a four on the floor remix of the track that slips into a banging Drum and Bass beat after the break. The track is as diverse as can be and has something for everyone, and surprisingly, it’s all free!

They’ve also released a video featuring the insane shows that they’re capable of putting on. All in all this is a solid release from Tha Trickaz and one that indicated many more exciting releases to come from the new Otodayo label.